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              Green Consumption Ecology+ Marketing 3.0
              Marketing 3.0

                Liby marketing 3.0 is a new type marketing mode of “green consumption ecology+” strategy which connects brand, consumer and dealer. The system is no longer based on experience and decision. Instead, it practices whole-chain omnibearing digital analysis and decision-making model by virtue of new channel, new marketing and business model. Based on consumer data and survey, marketing 3.0 system surveys consumer big data of two channel platforms, including all channels, purchase scenario, hobbies and interests, service cycle and catalyst habit, and forms an all-channel loop covering user need to sales.

                      Marketing 3.0 is intended to fulfill four business objectives (balanced development finished products, reasonable inventory structure, best terminal performance and high growth and attainment) through building four core competencies (data decision-making ability, multi-variety operation management ability, store professional service ability and new type business management ability), ensure sustainable development of Liby, help dealers be promoted to brand service providers and jointly build ecological enterprise, family and environment.

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